If it is too difficult for you to attend a session, I can offer you an online consultation with Zoom. Please note that there is no provincial requirement for counselors to offer individual therapies to students residing outside Ontario. If you are in Ontario and interested in other resources, please visit our Resources for Mental Health page.

We offer a full range of counseling services to individuals, couples and families including relationship counseling and sexual therapy. After noticing that some of our clients had exposed domestic violence in their relationships, we decided to do something about it and did some research. The vast majority of support services are designed to support the victims of the greatest.

We are keen to reach out to parents to let them know that help is available free of charge. We are counselors and educators who are pioneers in the field of emotional health care. Our services are confidential and we will not discuss your issues with anyone, but if we identify security concerns, they will be discussed with you.

Peterborough Relationship Support specialises in relationship counselling, family counselling, youth counselling and sex therapy. We offer a wide range of consulting services provided by experienced consultants and charge approximately 50 PS50 per session. We have specialized programs for male and female perpetrators of domestic violence and domestic violence.

You can view and rate Peterborough Relationship Support vacancies and locations on our map. RELATE is a national charity and the largest provider of relationship support in the UK. Firstly, we help women to gather reliable information from up to 12 local authorities in one central location.

It’s fine to start counselling a bit anxious if you’ve never experienced it before. If you gather your experience while we meet, you will be able to show your ability to learn, make no compromises and offer high quality support. Then you will have experience working as part of a busy sales or customer-oriented team and be better able to work as a team on multiple projects.

Advice on relationship problems provides you with the support you need to work towards a better life for you and your partner. If you feel lost, this can help you make lasting, positive changes in your marriage.

It is not always easy to overcome his difficult situation, but the good news is that it is possible to feel better. If you have been challenged by relationship difficulties and want to make your relationship back to what it was before, plan your first session today.

Furthermore, the obligation to offer the best possible therapy requires a continuous evaluation of the methods used and the progress of the clients. You can stop therapy if you wish, but it is helpful to have at least one session to summarize progress, define what still needs to be done, and say goodbye. Research has shown that four follow-up sessions reduce the likelihood of relapsing into previous unhelpful patterns.

Counseling can help with problems such as depression, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, identity, sexuality, grief, loss, stress, relationship difficulties, attachment problems, work-related stress and anger. The holistic consulting approach was developed in 1997 and continues to develop with progress in neuroscience. It uses practical tools to boost mood, reduce anxiety, manage anger, break undesirable habits and develop strong and healthy relationships.

I am able to offer short-term (6-10 sessions) and long-term therapies. In view of the current service format and demand for services, students can expect long waiting times for initial consultations. I offer my clients an initial consultation without obligation to consult further. I feel that relationships through counseling can help bring about change, and I think it’s important to see that clients feel comfortable working with me.

Marriage Care helps couples and individuals to build and maintain strong, fulfilling and healthy relationships by providing advice and support in times of relationship difficulties. Cruse is committed to breaking the stigma of bereavement and ensuring that everyone, regardless of how old or young, has access to quality support after a bereavement. Don’t Try to Celebrate Recovery is a free 30-week Christian course designed to help you confront such problems and enable the power of God to transform you.

Terry Noble is a licensed psychotherapist and couples counsellor who recently completed his Master of Divinity at Trinity College, University of Toronto. We understand the trauma of separation and divorce [221] and for those who have experienced divorce [221] we know how challenging these issues can be and how this can cause so much suffering. We also know that it can take time to regain the confidence you’re used to being single and feel motivated to move on.

I would like to express my admiration for the fact that you have looked at all the options and still managed to get on with your life.

Many parents struggle with a full house, home schooling, isolation and the ongoing fear of the pandemic. Funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Tavistock Relationships offers free parenting programmes to help parents in a number of local authorities, including Peterborough. The criminal justice system has very few ways of dealing with offenders.

Our mission is to end the criminalization of addiction, mental health, poverty and domestic violence. Our community services include anger management, self-esteem, life skills and healthy relationships. We are part of a service centre that works in partnership with the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre and Peterborough Community Legal Centre to support women with complex trauma.

Hideout – A website created by Women Aid to help children and young people understand domestic violence and take positive steps when it occurs to you. No disrespect – Provides information and advice on healthy and unhealthy relationships. Offers an eight-week series on healthy relationships, sexuality, expectations, security and self-expression.

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