Several renowned art galleries have added a splash of colour to the local cultural scene. The Peterborough Historical Society has erected historic plaques throughout the city, one of which is at Hutchison House, a short-lived museum on Brock Street.

Peterborough is home to many historic buildings and landscapes that constitute an important part of the city’s history and identity. The Citys Heritage Preservation Office (HPO) develops and manages preservation programmes for historic sites in Peterborough, including structures, landscapes and archaeological sites. The registration is part of a process set up to protect Peterborough’s heritage and connect the city with experiences of the day that cannot be visited by museums.

What is Peterborough’s Hidden Heritage?

Council protects the integrity of the register with the same interest they have throughout the process. Instant access to lots of relevant information about Peterborough Heritage Park and properties, including descriptions of property, virtual tours, maps and photos. Whether you scroll all the way down, the Heritage Park search results page offers a wealth of information about the park. It has never been so convenient to search for properties for sale in the park.

You will be surprised when you visit Hutchison House, a historic house in Peterborough city centre that presents the life of the city’s first doctor from the 1840s. Elton Hall in Peterborough has been home to the Proby family for over 350 years. Private houses in the centre of the city, built in the 1800s and early 1900s, are some of the oldest and last examples of a particular type of building or construction.

Descriptions of ownership data may be provided to homeowners by third parties from public records. Direct links to hundreds of buildings have been added to the register and a small number have been identified. The Market Hall, the Armoury, Hutchison House and the Museum are among the more than 40 designated buildings.

The Peterborough Historical Society and Hutchison House Museum are complying with emergency regulations to deal with the pandemic. Peterborough City Council has launched the Local List, a project aimed at surveying the borough and helping its residents identify the most important local cultural assets in the borough. The values of cultural heritage are underpinned by criteria of evidential, aesthetic, historical and community context, applied in a manner relevant to Peterborough.