The Saxons and MK Pathfinders took to the field on Sunday afternoon for the third meeting between the two teams this year.

Both teams had overcome opposition from the West Conference in their quarter finals in convincing fashion, so the gathered crowd looked on expecting a good game.

The Saxons had won both the previous meetings between the two (32 – 0 and 21 – 14) but still wanted to get off to a quick start. After MK won the coin toss, but deferred to the second half, the Saxons Offence had the chance to stamp their mark on the game. Starting their possession at their own 20 yard line, the Saxon Offence moved the ball steadily down the field to the MK 10 yard line. A pass was caught in the back of the end zone by last week’s MVP Dale Hawes, but the official ruled he didn’t get his feet in bounds, no score.

On fourth down the Saxons went for a field goal to get points on the board to show for their opening drive. 
Unfortunately the field goal was pulled wide right, however a flag on the play gave the Saxon coaches time to re-think.
Still on 4th down the coaches decided to go for a touchdown now they were that little bit closer.
Unfortunately, the 4th down pass could not be hauled in and the promising opening came to an end.

The Saxons Defence came on to the field looking to prove that the two TDs MK score in the second meeting were a fluke. This they duly did by stuffing the first MK drive, along with a very poor punt the Saxons Offence re-took the field in excellent position, looking to give the score board operator something to do.

After some hard running by Derrick J. Hylton the Saxons QB Nick Tilbury threw a short pass left, something some commentators have questioned his ability to do, to Offence MVP Jason ‘Clay’ Bradshaw for the opening score. 
6 – 0 Saxons.

The Pathfinders had been very successful on special teams in their quarter final match up with Oxford, scoring 3 TDs on kick off returns. So despite having just scored, the Saxons special teams unit took to the field knowing they had to be on guard against the dangerous MK returner, Chris Parr. Parr had a number of jinking runs through the course of the game, but the special team unit always managed to keep him contained.

With their special teams in check, it fell to the MK Offence lead by Mike Keogh to spark the Pathfinders. Head Coach Will White and his fearsome Defence had no intention of letting this happen, and they duly returned the Pathfinders Offence to the side-line after a short number of downs.

Now mixing the pass and run well to keep the MK defence guessing, the Saxons extended their lead to 12 - 0 when Bobby Amissah ran left, left 3 defenders chasing shadows and powered into the endzone.
Bobby also added the extra point to extend the Saxons lead to 13 - 0

A promising MK drive was halted by a combination of penalties and stout Defence and the Saxons Offence returned to the field looking to put the game beyond MK. More tough running from Hylton and Adam Gumbs took the Saxons Offence to the MK 18 yard line. Tilbury dropped back to pass and saw a couple of inches of daylight between Bradshaw and his marker. The signal caller stepped in to the perfect pocket provider by his Offensive line and delivered a laser guided strike to Bradshaw for the score. With Amissah again adding the extras, Saxons lead 20 - 0.

After a short MK drive ended with a fumble recovery by the Saxons D, the Offence took to the field looking to put the game out of reach. Once again the Tilbury Bradshaw combination hooked up for the third time to start the sideline dreaming of making the BritBowl final in Sheffield. 26-0

Halftime came and went with little of note happening as the game settled into a pattern of Saxons Offence running out the clock, and MK Offense being turned around by the fired up Saxons Defence.

With this pattern firmly established, neither team troubled the score board in the second half and the Saxons ran out deserved winners.

The Saxons now move on to the Division 2 final at Don Valley stadium in Sheffield.
They will play the Sheffield Predators, who like the Saxons have yet to lose a game this year, on Saturday the 24th of August.