Now My Saxons v2.0 I'm so proud of you guys when Ryan Toone asked me to take over this team we had 8-15 core guys with a lot of work to do, slowly but surely we all started to put the work in and it all started to come together to what we have now

We Set Ourselves some goals to work towards we have achieved all of them bar one which is what we are going to be playing for on the 25th Aug. We have turned in to a great family unit who stick by each other through thick & thin, We have developed a great belief in each others abilities and respect for every person involved with this still growing program.

Lastly A Hugh Thanks To Each and every family member involved who has helped us achieve so much: Danielle Morgan, Becki Cole, Tracy Tilbury, Anna Sweeney, Jazzy Lamboy, Destiny Hylton, Nigel Creek, Anny Carter,Melissa Stimpson Mills, Shannon Masters,Charlotte Jamison,Dan Mills, Nicki Yakan, plus anyone I missed!!! All Of You Have Been Amazing!!!

A Special Shout To The Saxon Youth Who Helped On The Chain Crew This Sunday Bigger and Better Come 2013!

And last but not least our film man and super fans Mr & Mrs. Colin Watson Saxons Through Good & Bad!!!

Head Coach William White