Saturday 4th August, Fortress Fengate, Peterborough.

On a day when the weather was forecast to be "variable" the Cornish Sharks made the long trip to Peterborough to take on a confident Saxon team that is yet to be beaten this year.

Both teams warmed up in glorious sunshine and after winning the coin toss, the Sharks elected to take the ball first. Their first possession was to end pretty quickly, and fruitlessly, as would be the pattern for the entire first half. In the build up to the game, much had been made of the Sharks defence being ranked number 1 in the country. Something that didn't sit well with either the Saxons defence or offence.

The Saxons offence took to the field looking to make a statement against the Sharks defence. This they duly did on the 3rd play from scrimmage when QB Nick Tilbury hit WR, and offensive MVP, Dale Hawes for the opening score with a 40 yard TD pass. 6 - 0 Saxons. As with their defensive counterparts, the Tilbury to Hawes connection had also established a pattern that would be repeated.

With Cornwall not able to make ground and also punting poorly, the Saxons offence took to the field in excellent field position for their second drive. Rookie QB Cameron Field took position under centre for this second drive. After a couple of short runs, the rookie faked right and took the ball down the left sideline to pay dirt himself to send the crown wild. 12 - 0 Saxons.

Still unable to make ground passed the resolute Saxons defence, marshalled by veterans, White, Fears and Palmer, Cornwall again punted the ball back to the Saxons. This time however the Sharks defence made their one, and only, stop of the Saxons offensive juggernaut. However the offence soon had another bite of the cherry after yet another stop and poor punt put them in good field position.

After a short completion to the right, the Tilbury, Hawes pair hooked up again with a short pass over the middle that Hawes took the remaining 15 yards to score. 19 - 0 Saxons.

A booming kick off by Scott Spearink set the Sharks back to their 20 yard line. This time it was the turn of defensive MVP, Isaac adimora to step up and thwart the Cornish attacks.

Yet another short punt set the offence up to let Spearink finish the phase of play his kickoff started. After a fake right, Spearink came on the end around to the left, broke one tackle and sprinted to the white wash unopposed to send the sideline into rapturous applause. After having the first two PATs blocked, "Bobby" Amissah found his aim and the PATs started to go through as well. 26 - 0 Saxons.

Cornwall were on the ropes and needed help ........ At this point the rain started to fall and with thunder being heard and lightning predicted, the referees removed the players from the pitch and suspended the game.

After rainfall of biblical proportions, the game resumed, had the break given the Sharks the lift they needed? The Saxons took 3 plays to re establish the pattern. Tilbury to Hawes for another 40 yard passing TD, with the successful extra point making it 33 - 0 and effectively game over!

The Sharks did manage a consolation score at the start of the fourth quarter, but that's all they would get. The rest of the half settled into a pattern of running out the clock by the Saxons offence and run stopping hits by the defence. The highlight of the fourth quarter was seeing, self proclaimed, super star lineman, Mark Nash pick up a loose ball and being a "fumble rumble" - fortunately for future story telling, Nash was tackled after 5 yards, which by the time the celebrations were finished, became 15 and will continue to grow in this reporters opinion.

The Saxons now move on to the semi finals and a repeat match against Milton Keynes.