Time TBC, Sunday 25th March - Coventry

As you may have seen on the internet we have been very busy preparing ourselves for the coming season. The Preseason is always an exciting time of the year but due to various legislation and availability of game officials, pre-season games are quite difficult to arrange.

This month the Saxons have organised a joint training session with, ex-Premier team, the Coventry Jets. After some low-level training the teams will clash in a ‘controlled scrimmage’ which is much like a game, only like the name suggests it is done in a controlled manner. The action is still there though and the coaches will be trying to outwit each other with either power plays or tricky play action plays.

So make space in your diary and join us in Coventry on 25th March for some pre-season action. More details will be released soon and if you want to see exactly what Saxons v2.0 is all about then you don’t want to miss this.